Engineering & Processing

Counting on experience and professionalism of staff in the field, we successfully operate not only in general mechanical environment but also conception, design, processing and construction in other sectors like industrial automation, automotive, agricultural, textile, aeronautical, nautical.

We provide conception, design, and construction of simple and complex components from original specimens, technical drawings, CAD-CAM files using a wide variety of materials to meet all requirements.

Progem can provide components construction and replacement, supply of spares or rare / outdated components according specifications and actual customer's demand and necessity.

All this made possible by a range of in house available equipment like traditional Machines Tools, Numerical Control Machines and latest technology Machining Centers.

The recent acquisition of new equipment, the proper application of quality and management methodologies according international standards helped the company in assuring high quality products and better ratio value for money and on time delivery.


To satisfy quickly customers’ needs we keep a considerable amount of raw materials in stock: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, different steels, Titanium, PVC, Teflon in various formats like round, flat, square, hexagonal sections. The availability in house of raw materials allows us to satisfy urgent jobs requests in very short time.


When necessary and requested from customers, Progem provides complete processing including various materials’ testing and finishing in commercial and technical partnership with approved and certified professionals:

  • Thermal treatments (hardening, distension, tempering, nitriding, etc …)
  • Galvanic treatments (Silver plating, Gilding, Nickel plating, Chromium plating, …)
  • Coating treatments (Alodine, Anodic Oxidation )


A specially equipped unit and skilled staff are available to deliver ready assembled products or groups that need further assembling.

  • Cemas Elettra
  • Guala Group
  • Leonardo
  • Muller
  • Piaggio Aerospace
  • Pininfarina
  • Selex Es
  • Setec
  • Thalesalenia
  • TME
  • Tubiflex
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