Case History
ProgeM is able to support the entire production process, from the planning, through special processes, assembling, and quality testing. ProgeM has produced structural parts for different programs, from Cheops to the realization of optical and calibration equipment as well as structural parts for the FLORIS and MPCV program.

ProgeM has also worked on manufacturing and assembling of aircraft, helicopters class-1 flying parts and for different planes and drones (e.g. AW109,AW129,NH90, M345, P180, P180 EVO, P1HH, FALCO, EFA). ProgeM has participated to the development of a new version of the anti-ship missile “MARTE ER” and the production of several radar and aiming system for the navy.

ProgeM has the capabilities for machining almost every material: from plastics like Peek, Ultem, and Lexan, up to metals like aluminum(2024,6061,7075), steels (17-4ph,15-5ph, ph13-8mo), super alloys (Invar, Monel, Kovar, Inconel), magnesium, titanium, and tungsten.

ProgeM production process is well tested to ensure low costs, short lead times and high quality, which are the key assets for any aerospace project.

Thanks to direct supplier relation, ProgeM is able to provide the customer the final package including NDT, special processes, electroplating, and painting.